Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics

You might know of Aaron Buchanan through his four-year stint with Heaven’s Basement. But when he left that band in 2015, the vocalist had a firm idea of what he wanted to do, and how to achieve it.

“I had chats with people of where I should go next, and decided the best approach was to record an album, and then get a full-time band together. I know from my own experiences that if there’s something to listen to for any planned project, it sounds more intriguing and definite.”

So, Buchanan went into Plus 11 Studios in Essex, to record the album, using material that had been written over the previous few years. Not only did he handle all the vocals, but also some of the drum parts. Joining him were his sister Laurie on guitar and James Curtis Thomas, who produced the record as well as playing drums. Completing the studio set-up was Ryan Woods on bass and guitar.

Once this was done, Buchanan set about putting together a long term line-up, with himself and Laurie being joined by guitarist Tom McCarthy and bassist Chris Guyatt and drummer Kev Hickman.

“Our inspiration comes from a lot of early 1990s bands and albums. You’ll hear influences from Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Audioslave – I am a huge fan of Chris Cornell’s voice and Alanis Morissette. There’s also some Queen in there, as I love them, plus enough from my time with Heaven’s Basement to appeal to their fans. I have put melody ahead of riffs.”

So far, the band have been careful to gradually build their reputation as a live band, not overexposing themselves.

“We supported InMe on their UK tour last October. But we have spent a lot of time rehearsing and getting ourselves confident and prepared enough to go out and impress everyone. Now, we’re ready. So you will see us all over the country in the next several months.”

The debut album, ‘The Man With The Stars On His Knees’, is to be released in May. And it will be on the band’s own label.

“We have had offers from record companies. But they all wanted to change what was already recorded. That’s not what we were prepared to do. So, by keeping control of the album, we’ll ensure it comes out as intended.”

Buchanan has no doubts he and the Cult Classics are united in their attitude.

“All of us have the same emotional commitment to this band.”


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