Bad Touch

Bad Touch drummer George Drewry has a distinct sense of humour.

“We are a Norfolk band, but recently we’ve been invaded by two people from the next county, Suffolk. It’s outrageous, but both our singer Stevie (Westood) and new guitarist Harry (Slater) are from there, ha!”

Based in Norwich, the band came into the light during 2008.

“Rob Glendinning and Daniel Seekings had known each other since they were very small children. The pair played guitar in a local band, who fell apart. They then advertised for a drummer, which is where I came in, and they also got in a bassist. But he left to go to university, which is when Michael Bailey joined. And Stevie we found through a musicians’ lonely hearts column. Well, he is from Suffolk!”

Drewry cites the band’s principle influences as being some of classic rock’s greatest names.

“You’d have to mention Free, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Joe Bonamassa. But each of us also has our own niche. I love country and folk, Michael’s into extreme metal. And Stevie  enjoys funk.”

In 2010, the band released two EPs, namely ‘Dirty Tricks’ and ‘Midnight Riders’…

“The first one was done in my house, while the second was recorded at Leeders Farm Studios, which was owned by Dan Hawkins of The Darkness. As you might expect, there was a big difference in sound quality between the two!”

Now, in 2013, Bad Touch seemed to put out their debut album, ‘Down And Out’. However, Drewry disputes this was a proper album.

“We had just gotten the chance to tour with the Quireboys, and wanted something to sell on the road. So, what we did was take an EP called ‘Born To Please’, plus tracks recorded live at a local studio called The Mill, and four songs we’d done for a small independent label in London. We put these together as a compilation.”

In 2015, they did issue their first true album, ‘Half Way Home’, following this up at the end of last year with new album, ‘Truth Be Told. And none other than celebrated producer Chris Kimsey was so impressed with them that he offered to remix the tracks ‘99%’ and ‘Made To Break’ from the current record for radio airplay.

Over the past few years, Bad Touch have toured with Tyketto, Bonafide, The Answer and Jared James Nichols (who will be at Ramblin’ Man this year). They also picked up the award for Best Live Band at the Exposure Music Awards (2012) and won the Marshall Ultimate Band Contest the following year (the latter got them a place on the bill for the Download Festival in 2014).

In March they’ll be co-headlining the UK with Broken Witt Rebels, another band set to play on the Rising Stage this year. It’ll be a great chance to see the new line-up, with Slater coming in for Glendinning at the end of ’16.

“We play feel good rock ‘n’ roll,” concludes Drewry. “It’s music to dance to, not to weep at!”


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