Black Star Riders

In 2012, the musicians who had been touring as Thin Lizzy decided to record a new studio album. But wisely elected to do it under the name of Black Star Riders. This way, they avoided unfair comparisons to Lizzy’s glorious past. However, what nobody expected was that the Riders would prove to be so inspirational in their own right.

Over the past few years, the band have shown live and on record that they most certainly are not living off Lizzy’s reputation. There’s no need, because this is a caustic, accessible, thundering posse.

Fronted by Ricky Warwick with Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson on guitar, Robbie Crane on bass and Jimmy DeGrasson on drums, they now have a combination of rawness and slickness that’s got their own style punched right through it.

Debut album ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ had the amassed talents (Marco Mendoza was on bass at this point) drawing on their collectively vast experience to come up with songs and performances which were already out of the top draw.

Foe 2015’s ‘The Killer Instinct’ (with Crane now firmly in the line-up), the band took everything a little further down the road. And on the just released ‘Heavy Fire’, Black Stars Riders have shown they’d a world class attitude and aptitude.

Onstage too, it’s been a case of growing into becoming band who stand apart from all preconceptions. This has been amply established on festival stages and also on their own headlining shows. Last year, Thin Lizzy were a sensation at Ramblin’ Man. This time around, prepare for the Riders on the Main Stage.


The Hits

‘Bound For Glory’, ‘Soldierstown’, ‘When The Night Comes In’

Their Finest Hour

‘Heavy Fire’ 2017

Connoisseur’s Choice

The boys live in Belfast, 2015.