This is without doubt one of the most important American melodic rock bands of all time. Dokken were a dominant force in the 1980s, when Don Dokken was so respected that the Scorpions turned to him at one stage to do vocals on demos for what would become the ‘Blackout’ album, when Klaus Meine was suffering from throat troubles.
Although formed a few years earlier, Dokken first came to everyone’s attention with the 1981 release in Europe of the album ‘Breaking The Chains’. This introduced Don Dokken on vocals, George Lynch on guitar and Mick Brown on drums. Two years later, the album was given an American profile, when put out in a slightly different form by Elektra. The same year, Jeff Pilson came in on bass, taking over from Juan Croucier, who played on ‘Breaking The Chains’, but left to join Ratt. Over the next few years, albums such as ‘Tooth And Nail’ (1984), ‘Under Lock And Key’ (’85) and ‘Back For The Attack’ (’87) gave the band huge success, establishing them as a major commercial force.  However, by 1989, following the live album ‘Beast From The East’, the band split up.
Subsequently, there have been a number of different band line-ups, with only Don Dokken being an everpresent. But last year, much to everyone’s delight and surprise, the classic foursome reunited for a limited number of gigs. Now, Dokken return to the UK for the first time since their glory days. The band’s line-up will feature Don Dokken and Mick Brown, plus guitarist Chris McCarvill and bassist Jon Levin, ready to bring that huge catalogue of wonderful songs to life. The beast is back on the attack!


The Hits
‘In My Dreams’, ‘Dream Warriors’, ‘The Hunter’

Their Finest Hour

‘Under Lock And Key’ 1985

Connoisseur’s Choice

Reunited and still dreaming in ’16!