This is where zombies dance – in a hillbilly fashion. The Texans have an interesting slant on music, as they combine darkly horror style lyricism with a musicality that shoots straight from the redneck hip.

It all makes for an individual stance that first came into the stark graveyard nightlight in 1999, when the band were formed by vocalist/guitarist Count Lyle. A three-track EP titled ‘Boots Of Hell’ was released later the same year, showcasing the band’s predilection for a style than reeks of George A. Romero in a square dance with Johnny Cash! Since then, the band have steadily built up a reputation for countrified gore through albums such as 2000’s ‘Tales From The Dead West’ and ‘Bury Them Deep’ five years later.

The music is anthem, and brings a sense of gun totin’ rotting corpses into focus.  And such is the keen interest in the band that some of their songs have turned up on the soundtracks for movies like ‘American Nightmare’ and ‘Slice Of Life’.  Now, they’re preparing for the release of new album ‘Ghost Of The Southern Son’ and The Count plus his posse of Jake Middlefinger (guitar), Lizard Lozario (acoustic guitar), Santi (bass), Randy Grimm (trumpet) and Dalton Black (drums) are ready to give everyone at the fair a right country style scare.

“With Ghoultown, I wanted to modernize those old western beats and lyrics,” explains the Count. “So I mixed it in with my love of punk and metal. Out of that you get Ghoultown.”


The Hits
‘Killer In Texas’, ‘Drink With The Living Dead’, ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’

Connoisseur’s Choice

A bloodthirsty taste of hillbilly devilry.

Their Finest Hour
‘Tales From The Dead West’ 2000