Glenn Hughes

He’s been called ‘The Voice Of Rock’, and with good reason. Glenn Hughes has the sort of vocal style and impact that has not only made him one of the most enduring and finest of all rock singers, but has also earned the man the accolade of being feted by KLF and Earth, Wind & Fire among others.

Having first made his mark in the early 1970s with Trapeze, Hughes was then brought into the Deep Purple fold during 1973, in the process contributing crucially to such albums as ‘Burn’ (1974), ‘Stormbringer’ (also ’74) and ‘Come Taste The Band’ (’75).

Since the break-up of Purple in 1976, Hughes has been very much in demand. Not just because he is a singer who combines rock, soul and funk, but also as a consummate musician, regarded by many as one of the pre-eminent bass players of any era. A virtuoso performer, who reaches deep into his emotions to deliver spectacular performances.

Over the past 35 years he has worked with the likes of Gary Moore, Pat Thrall, Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath and Black Country Communion on a succession of highly acclaimed albums and tours. He has also been acknowledged as a remarkable solo artist, with a string of fine records in his back catalogue.

It’s no secret that Glenn Hughes’ strength lies in his diversity, an ability to bring together so many different musical strands in a cohesive show of brilliance. His most recent solo album, ‘Resonate’, proves that he is as emotive and connecting today as he as ever been. ‘The Voice Of Rock’ still booms!


The Hits

‘Burn’, ‘Muscle & Blood’, ‘Heavy’

His Finest Hour

‘Hughes/Thrall/ (1982)

Connoisseur’s Choice

Hughes performs the Deep Purple classic ‘You Keep On Moving’ with Jon Lord in 2009