Iamthemorning have been described as a progressive/chamber pop duo, and while this might seem to be a little convoluted, it’s the best way to define the way this remarkable Russian pair have developed their own musical framework.

From St. Petersburg, vocalist Marjana Semkina and pianist Gleb Kolyadin began the band in 2010,  taking their name from the Oceansize song ‘I Am The Morning’. While Kolyadin is classically trained, Semkina is self-taught, but what they have in common is an abiding love for music that stretches and challenges.

“We are very passionate about our music and very self-sufficient,” they have said of what unites them. “We love experimenting and using different instruments.”

Their influence comes from a diverse range of talents. Kolyadin brings an inevitable love for the classical approach, while Semkina is a devotee of Jonas Renske (Katatonia), Steven Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth). Self-released, their debut album, ‘~’, was put out in 2012, and immediately underlined Iamthemorning’s ability to think outside of the norm. Everything about it suggested an unusual musical language and dexterity.

A deal with Kscope led to second album ‘Belighted’ two years later, where a range of guest musicians, including King Crimson drummer Gavin Harrison, helped to bring the band’s musical motifs into even sharper focus. And last year they issued the hugely acclaimed ‘Lighthouse’, which earned them the prestigious Progressive Music Award for ‘Album Of The Year’, as the style continues to evolve.

With an augmented line-up, Iamthemorning will be a major experience on the Prog In The Park Stage at this year’s Ramblin’ Man. “Playing live,” says Semkina, “is such a pure and beautiful way to communicate.”


The Hits
‘Chalk & Coal’, ‘Lighthouse’, ‘Romance’

Their Finest Hour

‘Lighthouse’ 2016

Connoisseur’s Choice

The beauty of the band brought to life in 2016.