Jack, J Hutchinson

Hailed as one of the most exciting up and coming British blues talents, Hutchinson was born in Leicester in 1982. He moved to London in 2005, and has spent the best part of the last two decades playing live with the likes of Big Boy Bloater, another artist playing on the Blues Stage this year at Ramblin’ Man.

Hutchinson combines influences from across nearly a vcentury of blues, ranging through Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Black Crowes and King King. You can hear the way these are combined on his debut solo album ‘Feathers And Fools’, released in 2013, and followed a year later by the EP ‘Get It Back’.

Now he has a strong band under the name Jack J. Hutchinson’s Boom Boom Brotherhood, with Rick Baxendale on bass, Jim Brazendale on drums and Tom Brundage on harmonica. You can hear what they’re capable of on the EP ‘Live At Blues Rock Fest’, which came out last year, and featured eight songs recorded at the BluesFest in London during October ’16..

The band put out their first album ‘Set Your Heart For The Sun’ earlier this year, and this sums up their full on approach. Here is a band who pay due respect to the heritage of the blues, but certainly have the deft dexterity of musicians who are determined to remain relevant to 2017 and beyond. Hutchinson’s abilities as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter are at the core of a foursome who are guaranteed to get a massive reaction at the Fair.

THEIR GREATEST HITS – ‘If You Let Me Love You’, ‘Love Is Gonna Bring You Home’, ‘Boom’.

THEIR FINEST HOUR – ‘Set Your Heart For The Sun’ (2017)

CONNOISSEUR’S CHOICE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfNQgzAg3rk The band show their mettle at the 100 Club in London during 2015.