KilliT have come a long way very quickly. Formed just over two years ago, the band have already had the opportunity of playing at the Giants Of Rock Festival, and supported both Diamond Head and Reckless Love.
KilliT were started at the end of 2014, featuring lead guitarist Niro Knox, rhythm guitarist Byron Marr, bassist Geos Letona and drummer Pete Jean. But they hit a snag when their original vocalist left.
“The singer had a change of heart,” says Gaz Twist, who was brought in 12 months ago to front the band. “I was on the look out for something new. What I didn’t realise was that I lived in London just three minutes from a couple of the guys in the band. We didn’t know each other at all, though, before I joined.”
At the time, KilliT were a long way down the line with recording their debut album. But Twist still had the opportunity to have a significant input.
“The video done for one song, ‘Shut It Down’, had already gotten over 100,000 views. So it was decided not to alter that at all. But the rest of the guys did give the chance to come up with ideas for one or two others, just to see how that turned out. And they were happy enough with what I did to give me free rein on the melody and lyrical side for the rest of the album.”
The record, called ‘Shut It Down’, was released last year, and got a very promising reaction. It brought the band’s influences into sharp focus.
“My past includes working with pop, rock and soul bands. I’d like to think what I have brought to the band is a commercial approach with a hard edge. What I love is something that gets in your face, but also has a memorable tune.
“Our inspiration comes from 1980s classic rock – bands like Guns N’ Roses, Faith no More and Queens Of The Stone Age, all of who have a global reputation. We also appreciate ’70s legends like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. However, the one thing we do not want to become is a ’70s or ’80s cliché. We want to be relevant to the modern world.”
KillIt are already working on their second album, using Twist’s home studio.
“I am lucky enough to have the space where I live, and that means we can do demos when we like with no time restrictions. Right now, we are doing demos for tracks, but when we feel we have enough songs ready then we’ll go into the studio for a few days and get the album done.”
The band are also aiming to tour outside of the UK.
“We want to go to places like Sweden, where there should be a market for what we do. We are a heavy band, but not strictly metal. And I believe we can appeal to international audiences.”


Recommended Track

‘See The End’