Knock Out Kaine

Knock Out Kaine aren’t short of high profile people, prepared to lend them a hand. For instance, the Lincoln band got none other than Bruce Dickinson to guest in a video for the song ‘Set The Night On Fire’ from debut album ‘House Of Sins’.

“We were just being cheeky,” chuckles vocalist Dean Foxx. “We found out who represented him and emailed them, asking if he would be up for appearing in the video. I recall that we were in a hotel in Birmingham on tour in 2014 when we got a reply saying that Bruce would do it!”

They also got Hellyeah guitarist Christian Brady to play on the song ’16 Grams Of Heart Attack’ from second album ‘Rise Of The Electric Jester’.

“We met Christian, got on well with him and he was very keen to guest on the song,” says Foxx.

In their eight years together, Knock out Kaine have toured with Love/Hate (twice), Adler’s Appetite, Faster Pussycat and Status Quo, as well as appearing at festivals such as Download, Bloodstock and Hard Rock Hell, and also picked up a Kerrang! Award in 2008 as Best Unsigned Live Act.

“I suppose the concept for the band goes back about 10 years. Jimmy (Bohemian, guitar) and myself met at music college and had the idea for a classic rock style band. At the time, though, we were kinda playing for our own amusement. Then eight years ago, we started to take it a lot more seriously.”

The line-up also features bassist Lee Byrne and drummer Danny Krash. And the four certainly bring a vast range of musical delights to the table.

“We love a lot of early 1980s stuff, like Van Halen, and also late ’70s bands such as Cheap Trick. There’s also an early Queen inspiration in there. But then each of us also has his own musical niche. Jimmy loves country and southern rock, Danny is into jazz and funk, Lee is a dyed-in-the-wool punk. And I am keen on swing music. I love the Rat Pack (Sinatra, Martin et al) and Tony Bennett! Put of all this into a blender and that’s us.”

You can hear how all of this coalesces in the Knock Out Kaine melting pot on ‘House Of Sins’ (2012) and ‘Rise Of The Electric Jester’ (2015), plus last year’s EP ‘Cruel Britannia’. And right now, the band are working on songs for a new album which they hope to have out by the end of the year.

They also have heavy touring plans for 2017, including an upcoming UK tour with Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate, and then some European shows in April.

“It’s hard to pin down what we are,” admits Foxx. “But we are heavy rock, with a hefty dollop of accessibility. Think of Cheap Trick, Queen, Wildhearts Mötley Crüe… and you get close to what this band’s all about.”


Recommended Track
‘Set The Night On Fire’