Kyle Gass

One half of the celebrated Tenacious D with Jack Black, Kyle Gass also has his own band, who go under the cunning name of… the Kyle Gass Band.

This first came together in 2011, when Gass (who plays acoustic guitar and sings) was joined by vocalist/guitarist Mike Bray, guitarist John Konesky (also a member of Tenacious D), bassist Jason Keene and drummer Nate Rothacker. The idea for this band came from an invitation for Gass to support guitarist Mike Campbell from Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers for a one off gig. But by the middle of that year, the five were in full flight.

The approach is definitely bad ass rock ‘n’ roll, one that certainly nods towards what Tenacious D, in that there’s an underlying humour throughout. However, what clearly rages through is a passion for going in multi-faceted directions. This is not a band who are satisfied to be tied down to one particular style, and this came across on the self-titled 2013 debut album. It was a record that made everyone sit up and realise for all the jokey bombast, there was substance underpinning the crazy characters here.

Shortly afterwards, the band welcomed Tim Spier as their new drummer, after a very brief stint from Jamie Douglass. And since then they’ve released second album ‘Thundering Herd’ (2016). Now, Kyle and his boys are ready to take their chops onto the Grooverider Stage at Ramblin’ Man. And if you’ve not heard the Kyle Gass Band before, this is Gass’ advice:

“Check it out and it might be their cup of tea and it might not. I think in today’s world there is no excuse for not knowing!”


The Hits

‘Dyin’ Day’, ‘Manchild’, ‘Bro Code’

Their Finest Hour

‘Thundering Herd’ 2016

Connoisseur’s Choice

The band have fun with a Steely Dan classic a couple of years ago.