Any band who have strong connections to Clutch are clearly the perfect choice for the Grooverider Stage. And Lionize do have those credentials. The Maryland mob have had the likes of Neil Fallon, Jean-Paul Gaster and Tim Sult all guesting them during their decade long existence; Gaster has also produced them. But they don’t need such testimonials to get attention. Because this lot are capable of doing it all by themselves.

The might be a considered and a considerably ’70s inspired hard rock outfit, but Loinize also have a really experimental edge to their approach. Listen to any of their records and you will hear reggae, dub and funk all jostling for attention; in 2005, they even opened for renowned reggae mavens Steel Pulse. It led to a long friendship between the bands, and to the Pulse arranging for Lionize to go over to Jamaica to record their 2008 album ‘Space Pope And The Glass Machine’. This followed the prior releases of the album ‘Danger My Dear’ (2005) and the EP ‘Mummies Wrapped In Money’ (’06).

Since then, Lionize have toured with the Bad Brains, Lee Scratch Perry, Kylessa and Red Fang, accentuating their wide ranging musical ambitions. And albums such as ‘Destruction Manual’ (2011) plus ‘Jetpack Soundtrack’ have continued to gain them a growing following among those who appreciate a style of rock that can veer off into any direction, without any warning.

Now the foursome of Chris Brooks (vocals/keyboards), Nathan Bergman (guitar), Henry Upton (bass) and Chase Lapp (drums/percussion) are ready to take us all on a unique creative journey at the Fair.


The Hits
‘Dr. Livingstone’, ‘Space Pope And The Glass Machine’, ‘Reality Check’

Their Finest Hour

‘Space Pope And The Glass Machine’ 2008

Connoisseur’s Choice

Lionize live in Washington DC, 2010.