Massive are not a band who spend time deliberating on anything the do. Like so many great Australian bands, they dive headlong into the meleé, and to hell with the consequences.

“We released our first single, ‘One By One’, before we ever did a gig,” laughs frontman Brad Marr. “And we had our first album, ‘Full Throttle’, recorded after we’d just done six gigs!”

Marr and drummer/backing vocalist Jarrod Medwin were the pair who were like-minded enough to want to become rocking nomads. From Melbourne, their connection goes back to very early days.

“Jarrod and I have been friends since high school,” reveals vocalist/guitarist Marr. “And were in a few bands together. We’d start up one, and that sucked. Then we would scrap that one and put together another band, which sucked a little less. Massive were out fourth attempt to get something going.”

Marr and Medwin wee joined in this venture by lead guitarist/backing vocalist Brendan Forward and bassist/backing vocalist Aiden McGarrigle.

“How did we get together with Brendan and Aiden? Well, when you play rock ‘n’ roll you tend to meet like-minded people. You know, guys with long hair who liked drinking beer. This band have four people who want to play the type of music for which we’ve become known.”

Massive were formed in January 2012, playing their debut gig six months later, and self-releasing ‘Full Throttle’ the same year. You can certainly hear the total passion and attitude of the classic Aussie style rockers such as as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Cold Chisel and, more recently, Airbourne.

“Well, our influences come from all the good stuff in music. Obviously that includes thosee bands you mentioned. But also Led Zeppelin, Guns n’ Roses and Metallica. We take inspiration from the great names across the 1970s through to the early ’90s. But while there is definitely a straightahead edge to what we do, there’s also a lot more to what we do. Massive have an interest in any music that sounds good.”

Last year, the quartet released well received second album ‘Destination Somewhere’, the first on the Earache label, and are busily working on a third right now

“We will certainly have the new record finished before coming over for Ramblin’ Man, and should have a new single out in the summer.”

So, what can we all expect from Massive when they play on the Rising Stage?

“We’re a high energy, beer drinking, foot stomping, dirty, sleazy rock ‘n’ roll band, who right in your face. And we’re gonna prove it at Ramblin’ Man, which is a very exciting show for us to be able to do. Everyone in Australia looks at this opportunity we’ve been give and says, ‘I wanna do that!’.”


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‘One by One’