Scorpion Child

If you want to hear a band that is a little different, then Scorpion Child fit the bill perfectly. As you’ll see when they play on the Grooverider Stage, these musos from Austin, Texas not only have a metallic edge, but also take inspiration from the acid rock trips of the early ’70s.

The band were formed in 2006, and the manner in which their sound was based on the blueprint of Rainbow, Lucifer’s Friend and Pentagram came into focus when they released their self-titled, debut album in 2013. It had an immediate impact, setting the Child apart from the run of the mill acts who surrounded them.

Second album ‘Acid Roulette’ came out through Nuclear Blast last year, and stepped everything up a a few notches. As vocalist Aryn Jonathan Black explains:

“With extensive touring, you experience so many things. I had this lucid dream about a bohemian guy who gets framed for a murder he perhaps did or didn’t do. He goes to prison for life. In order to mentally escape, he plays ‘Acid Roulette’. The inmates would take a jar and cut up a sheet of acid and a sheet of paper. They’d mix it all up. Some guys wound up with like five hits of acid, while other people got none. It’s crazy.”

What the band – Black, guitarist Christopher Jay Cowart, keyboard player AJ Vincent, bassist Alec Caballero Padron and drummer Jon ‘Charm’ Rice – is prove on this record that they are an evolving powerhouse. We’ll see this for ourselves live at the Fair.


The Hits
‘Livin’ With A Witch’, ‘Polygon of Eyes’, ‘Reaper’s Danse’.

Their Finest Hour

‘Acid Roulette’ 2016

Connoisseur’s Choice

Getting Childish at Download in 2016.