Screaming Eagles

Screaming Eagles might be comparatively new to the rock scene. But they’ve already got exposure on two big American TV series. The song ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Soul’ was initially used on the soundtrack for ‘Justified’ and has now turned up on ‘Sneaky Pete’.
“It’s the same producer for both shows,” says guitarist Adrian McAleenan. “And he really liked the song. Having that sort of attention has obviously helped us.”
The Screaming Eagles are from Banbridge in Northern Ireland, and got together in 2013.
“There’s nothing else to do in Banbridge, but listen to rock and play in bands!” laughs McAleenan. “Myself, Ryan Lilly (bass) and Kyle Cruikshank were in a local band, but the singer wasn’t very good and we weren’t going anywhere.”
However the three decided to stick together, bringing in Chris Fry on vocals.
“He used to come and watch our former band, and when he joined us everything just clicked.”
The four have a diverse range of influences.
“Oh, it goes from ACDC to Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Guns N’ Roses, Bad Company and even Elvis. We have certain bands we all love, but then each one of us also brings in our own colour to the way this band now sounds.”
In ’13, The Screaming Eagles put out debut album ‘From The Flames. Originally released independently, it was subsequently picked up by Off Yer Rocka.
“That album got us some real attention across the world. We put a lot of effort into promoting it, and we managed to get noticed in America and throughout Europe.”
Second album ‘Stand Up And be Counted’ followed two years later, helping to spread the word even further.
“We were being offered the chance to play festivals in places like France after that one came out. So it did us a lot of good.”
The Irishmen have appeared on open air events with top names like Black Label Society, Black Star Riders, The Answer and Airbourne. And at the end of the last year, they successfully toured with Buckcherry.
Right now, the band are working on the songs for their third album. Although this isn’t expected to be ready for release until the end of the summer.
“Currently, we have seven songs written. But so far, there’s no studio time booked. And it’s an album we don’t want to rush; to be honest, we’ve put up so much heart and belief into this band for that happen. Especially now it’s all beginning to pay off.”


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