Steve ‘n’ Seagulls

So, there’s a Finnish band who play country bluegrass style music, and have a name inspired by American action actor Steven Seagal. Well, that’s unusual for a start, but you can add into that the fact they’ve built their reputation so far by doing hillbilly style versions of classic metal songs!

But while all of this could sound ridiculous, Steve’N’Seagulls make it work brilliantly.

“We just started off with cover versions of pop songs from around the world, and started the whole metal/rock thing about two years ago,” said the band in 2015. “We don’t really have a bluegrass background. We’re playing songs that we grew up listening to, which were on our parent’s record shelves, mangled, but mangled with respect to the originals. Truth be told, we have been checking out a lot of bluegrass bands, but while we can’t play like them, we don’t sound much like traditional Finnish bands either.”

The band’s line-up is Remmel (vocals, acoustic guitar, balalaika, mandolin), Pukki (double bass/vocals), Hiltunen (accordion/keyboards/kantele/mandolin/flute), Herman (banjo/acoustic guitar/vocals) and Puikkonen (drums/vocals). They first got noticed in 2014 when a video of their cover of AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ on Youtube got over 32 million views. A year later, debut album ‘Farm Machine’ was released by Spinefarm, and this was followed in 2016 by ‘Brothers In Farms’. Both feature some sensational and accomplished backwoods covers of classics from bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Guns N’ Roses and Metallica. It all sets up the excitement nicely for the band appearing on the Outlaw Country Stage at Ramblin’ Man.

“We really don’t take each other seriously – or life, really. What we do is a lot of fun.”


The Hits

‘Thunderstruck’, ‘Aces High’, ‘Paradise City’

Their Finest Hour

‘Farm Machine’ 2015

Connoisseur’s Choice
The Seagulls perform ‘Thunderstruck’ live in ’14.