The Gift

What happens when you’re a band inspired by King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, The Beatles and Transatlantic? In the case of British band The Gift, you take those influences and merge them with your own taste for symphonic rock, and come with with a sound that belongs firmly in the new world.

The Gift are most certainly a wide screen progressive band, with a hugely blazing musical discernment that embraces classical nuances, while having a thrust from a more peripatetic hard rock sphere. The Londoners came together in 2003, when Mike Morton (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist) teamed up with Leroy James (guitarist/producer). Both had extensive experience in the music world, stretching back to the 1980s, but a shared love of prog got them together to record a 45 minute epic called ‘Awake And Dreaming’, written by Morton about the Iraq crisis at the time.

But the pair’s ambitions grew exponentially, and so they brought in bassist Jim Thomas and keyboard player Rod Haverhill to augment the sound.  Drummer David Storey of The Enid completed the line-up.

In 2006, the band released their debut album ‘Awake And Dreaming’. But despite the acclaim and enthusiasm for the band, it was another eight years before second album ‘The Land of Shadows’ came out, by which time the band’s line-up had been revamped, with only Morton and James remaining. And last year, The Gift issued ‘Why The Sea Is Salt’, with the pair joined by David Lloyd (guitar), Stefan Dickers (bass), Neil Hayman (drums/percussion) and Gabriele Baldocci (keyboards).

Now The Gift are ready to take their place among the new progressive masters.


The Hits
‘Awake And Dreaming’, ‘The Tallest Tree’, ‘At Sea’

Their Finest Hour

‘Why The Sea Is Salt’ 2016

Connoisseur’s Choice

Live and intricate in 2014.