It’s not often that you can claim that someone you’ll see onstage at Ramblin’ Man is a motorcyle world champion. But that’s the case with James Toseland. The man who fronts the band bearing his name is a Superbike World Champ – twice over. But, after sustaining a career ending wrist injury in 2011, the Doncaster born vocalist embraced his true love, namely music.
He’d already been in a covers band called Crash, but following his retirement from racing, he put together Toesland, and has shown a remarkable aptitude for coming up with fiery hard anthems, which have been predicated on virtuoso musicianship from a band, who now also feature guitarists Zurab Melua and Ed Bramford, bassist Roger Davis and drummer Joe Yoshida.
Toseland showed their abilities in 2014, with the release of debut album ‘Renegade’. Working closely on this with Toby Jepson, who James Toseland had met through a vocal coach, the band proved they had everything needed to be regarded as a classic rock act in the best possible sense. There’s a gritty drive here that brings to mind so many influences – from Slash to AC/DC and, yes, Little Angels.
The confidence was even more pronounced last year with second album ‘Cradle The Rage’. In recent times, the five have also shown they’re a considerable live force, playing with the likes of Status Quo, Aerosmith, Reef and The Darkness, as well as appearing at the Download Festival. Now, Toseland get the chance to rev up and get into the top gear on the Main Stage at Ramblin’ Man, following up their impressive first appearance at the Fair in 2015.


The Hits
 ”Life is Beautiful’, ‘Renegade’, ‘Crash Landing’

Their Finest Hour

‘Renegade’ 2014

Connoisseur’s Choice

Toseland show their talents at Ramblin’ Man two years ago.