Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Tyler Bryant is only 25 years old, but he’s already been immersed in playing guitar for nearly 20 years! The young Texan bluester started to play at the age of six, and formed his his first band at the age of 15, which was two years after he’d begun to play live.

Proving that he was getting noticed, Bryant received the Robert Johnson Gibson New Generation award in 2006, given to rising young guitar stars. And the following year was invited by Eric Clapton to appear at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago.

Since then, he’s toured with such major figures as B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Aerosmith. And, several years ago, he relocated to Nashville, where he’s teamed up with guitarist Graham Whitford, bassist/vocalist Noah Denney and drummer Caleb Crosby in the highly rated Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown. In 2013, they released debut album ‘Wild Child’, which was followed in 2015 by the EP ‘The Wayside’. And over the past few years, the band have gained invaluable exposure on the road with ZZ Top, Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC.

But Bryant has also been busy away from this band. He’s worked with the Dead Pool Dropouts, contributing to their 2014 self-titled first album. And has issued two solo EPs in the past few years, namely ‘My Radio’ and ‘From The Sandcastle’.

In his fledgling career to date, Bryant has shown himself to be adept at a variety of styles within the blues genre. He has the touch of an authentic master, while adding a rock ‘n’ roll flourish.


The Hits
‘Criminal Imagination’, ‘Lipstick Wonder Woman’, ‘Loaded Dice & Buried Money’

Their Finest Hour

‘Wild Child’ 2013

Connoisseur’s Choice

Tyler Bryant onstage with Jeff Beck in 2012. More than holding his own!