Let’s be honest. With UFO we are talking about British rock royalty here. Nearly five decades into a glittering career, this band have a virtually unrivalled catalogue of success and influence. Bands from Iron Maiden onwards have been massively inspired by what this band have done.

Started in 1969, it was really with the arrival of the teenage guitar prodigy Michael Schenker in 1973 that the band finally found their style. And with the potent line-up of Schenker, vocalist Phil Mogg, bassist Pete Way, keyboard player/rhythm guitarist Paul Raymond and drummer Andy Parker, they were simply irresistible for the rest of the 1970s, releasing albums such as ‘Light Out’ (1977) and ‘Obsession’ (’78). In 1979 they also put out ‘Strangers In The Night’ one of the truly great live albums.

Since then, the band have been through a whole host of musicians, but even when the line-up seemed to be manic, the band were still capable of releasing albums which made everyone take notice.

In 2000, Schenker returned for the well received ‘Covenant’ album. But two years later, after the ‘Sharks’ record, Vinnie Moore took over from the mercurial German, and has helped to lead the band through an era of high productivity and artistry. Albums like ‘You Are Here’ (2004), ‘The Visitor’ (’09) and ‘A Conspiracy Of Stars’ (’15) have underlined UFO have exciting new music to offer.

The band have now had a stable line-up for close on a decade, with Mogg, Parker, Raymond and Moore now joined by bassist Rob de Luca. UFO are definitely flying high again!


The Hits
‘Light Out’, ‘Doctor, Doctor’, ‘Too Hot To Handle’

Their Finest Hour

‘Light Out’ 1977

Connoisseur’s Choice
Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’ in a good way last year.