Whiskey Dick

What on earth have acoustic guitars got to do with metal? Sounds a touch lame, eh? Well, clearly you’ve never heard this duo. Because Reverend Johnson and Fritz have an approach that spits sawdust and sweats out attitude. From Fort Worth, these two cowpoke punks might sit on chairs when onstage, but have so much energy that they’ll set fire to any preconceptions they’re somehow laid back.

Formed in 2004, since then Fritz and the Reverend have toured with the likes of Hellyeah!, Pentagram, Shooter Jennings, Foghat and The Supersuckers. And that will give you a cunning idea of where Whiskeydick’s soul and passion lies. The sound hovers on the fringes of underground metal and saddles up a real badass country streak – so it’s appropriate they’re appearing on the Outlaw Country Stage at Ramblin’ Man.

In their time together, the duo have released seven albums, from debut ‘Rebel Flags And Whiskey’ in 2008 through ‘Drunk As Hell’ four years later, right up to 2015’s ‘The Bastard Sons Of Texas’. In the process, they’ve also taken their heavy metal honky tonk sound across the world, impressing audiences everywhere with their refusal to stick within any genre confines. And they’ve also proven themselves to be adept and confident songwriters, with a string of anthems that offers a lyrical insight into the band’s lives.

But maybe the Whiskey sodden mentality is best summed up by the Dicks themselves: “We’re just a train robbin’, gun totin’, dope smokin’, guitar pickin’, muthafuckin’ good time band. Taking hillbilly music and spreading it across the land.”


The Hits
‘Drunk As Hell’, ‘Barn Burner’, ‘Wookie Pussy’

Connoisseur’s Choice

Now you realise what Whiskeydick are all about onstage.

Their Finest Hour
‘Drunk As Hell’ 2010