19th July 2017

Glenn Hughes: ‘Black Country Communion is back!’


Glenn Hughes has teased the release of a brand new Black Country Communion album. The legendary singer and bassist, recently tweeted: “BCC is BACK. Stay tuned, huge announcements coming later this month!”

It’s been five years since Black Country Communion’s last album, the epic Afterglow. The band disintegrated after Glenn and guitarist Joe Bonamassa clashed over touring plans, but the singer insists they never fell out and recently told Ramblin’ Man that BCC had reconvened in Los Angeles to write and record a new album.

“We both said that if we’re going to make a record, it has to be as strong as the others,” he says. “On the first three albums, Joe spent about six days at my home – he didn’t have a lot of time to come and write with me because he’s such a busy guy. But on this one, he said, ‘I’m going to make time to come to your house and we’re going to write.’ So that’s what we did. He spent about 10 days at my home. We put extra hours in, long writing sessions. Joe and I wrote this record together, it’s a collaborative effort.”

According to the singer, the album will be titled Black Country Communion IV and it picks up where its predecessors left off.

“It smacks of all three previous albums,” he says. “There’s drama here, there’s rampant fast songs, there’s a blues song, there’s a little prog. It’s an amalgamation of all the first three.”

Black Country Communion IV will reportedly be released in September. Before that, Glenn appears on the Planet Rock Main Stage at Ramblin’ Man on Saturday July 29. He promises a set that spans his career from Deep Purple to his most recent solo album, Resonate.

“Let me make this very clear: it’s Glenn Hughes performing a rock show,” he says. “I’m not going to be diverse here. I’m not going left of centre. I’m embracing ‘Rock Glenn’. The Voice Of Rock will be in full effect.”