24th May 2018

Icarus Falls: where Black Stone Cherry meets Alice In Chains

There’s garage rock, and there’s garage rock. For West Sussex five-piece Icarus Falls, the garage in question belongs to guitarist Harvery Wigg, who uses it as the band’s rehearsal space, recording studio and general HQ when he’s fixing engines for a living.

“My day job is a mechanic,” says Harvey. “I did a lot a lot of recording in college, and I ended up buying a lot of recording gear and bringing it up here.”

Icarus Falls – completed by vocalist Doug Hay, guitarist Lawrence Trousdale Smith, bassist Jon Morrison and drummer Josh Harris – recorded their first EP, 2016’s Pieces here, as well as recently released new track Venom.

“We’re really grateful to be in the position we’re in,” says Harvey. “We can rehearse and record anything we want. Obviously, a lot of bands don’t have access to that, which is maybe why we’re in the position we’re in.”



The group – who play Ramblin’ Man’s Rising Stage on Saturday June 30 – came together a few years ago, all refugees from other bands. “All of us have been in bands, and all of us have been thrown out of bands,{ laughs Harvery. “We basically got fed up of the restraints of other people. With Icarus Falls, not trying to be anything in particular, genre-wise. We just go in, write some stuff and think, ‘Oh, that sounds awesome, let’s keep it.’”

The guitarists cites “the classics” as influences: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin. “The we individually brand off into separate areas. I like Southern stuff like Black Stone Cherry, while Doug, our singer, likes Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam, bands like that.”

You can hear all of those influences in Icarus Falls’ music, but songs such as Venom, Empty Road and the moody Lucky Man have an identity all their own. Harvery says the band plan to release their second EP – also called Venom – few weeks before Ramblin’ Man.

“The goal for most of us is quitting the day job,” he says. “We like getting together and writing and having a creative outlet – it’s one of those things, it’s pretty much the only thing all of us are passionate about. If we can try and do that full time, and hopefully earn enough money to not worry about money, that’s the dream.”

Icarus Falls play the Rising Stage on Saturday June 30. Buy your tickets here.