19th June 2017

Saxon are keeping Lemmy’s memory alive


Saxon’s Biff Byford says the late Motorhead mainman could make a posthumous appearance on their next record.

It’s been 18 months since Lemmy died, but he’s never really gone away. From the countless Motörhead T-shirts you see at every gig and festival to Metallica’s tribute song Murder One (named after the great man’s favourite amp, he’s always there in the background.

Saxon have more reason than most to help keep Lemmy’s name alive – the Barnsley metal icons supported Motörhead early in their career and stayed friends over the years. Now, according to frontman Biff Byford, they’re going to pay tribute to their old comrade with a track on their next album, Thunderbolt – and the track might even feature Lemmy himself.

“There’s one track called They Played Rock And Roll, which is obviously about Motörhead,” Biff recently said. I started writing it right before Lemmy died, so he knew about it. We might have Lemmy’s voice on it somewhere. We’ve talked with their manager and everybody’s cool with it, so let’s see that goes.”

Normally, this sort of business would come across as cheesy or cynical, but we’ll make an exception for Saxon. Not only were they old muckers, but Biff guested onstage with Motörhead countless times over the years, while the members of both bands joined forces onstage as a tribute to Lemmy in 2016. And let’s not forget Lem’s appearance on Saxon’s 2007’s I’ve Got To Rock To Stay Alive single.

Sadly, the world is going to have to wait a few months to hear Thunderbolt. Saxon are currently working on the album with producer Andy Sneap, with a view to releasing it in early 2018. What can we expect? Classic Saxon, according to Biff.

“We’re not gonna suddenly turn into Five Finger Death Punch… which probably would be a good thing! We’d probably sell more albums. Nah, we’re not gonna change midstream. We like what we do.”

Saxon will be headlining the Friday night of Ramblin’ Man Fair 2017. Click here for ticket details.