14th June 2017

Watch the Devin Townsend Project’s trippy new video

The Prog In The Park Stage headliners have released a mind-bending new clip for Offer Your Light

When it comes to brilliantly berserk music, Devin Townsend is your man. Let’s face it, anyone who has written out a concept album based around a coffee-fixated alien puppet must be cooking on another planet.

It’s no surprise that rock’s mad scientist – and Ramblin’ Man’s brand new Prog In The Park stage headliner – has applied his, ahem, ‘unique’ worldview to a new lyric video for Offer Your Light, a track from the Devin Townsend Project’s latest album Transcendence.

While the man himself says the song is “about trying to look at the positive amidst the ever increasing sea of neurosis-inducing bullshit the world keeps spewing at us”, the progtastic video features a set of gloriously bizarre animations including melting suns, blood-splattered lambs and horned goddesses who shoot laser beams from their eyes. What does it all mean? Absolutely no idea, but it looks bleedin’ brilliant.

Putting together batshit crazy videos isn’t the only thing Devin’s got on the go at the moment. His long-rumoured collaboration with Opeth mainman Mikael Akerfeldt looks like it could be inching closer to reality.

“The idea is to have a band consisting of lead singers,” says Akerfeldt. “So the vocals first and instruments second. I talked to Devin, he said, ‘I’m in.’”

There’s no fixed date on when this clash of the prog titans might actually materialise, but given Devin’s prodigious work rate, it could arrive sooner than anyone expects.

Before that, Devin and his Project head to Mote Park to headline Sunday‘s Prog In The Park stage at Ramblin’ Man. They replace Kansas, who recently cancelled their entire European tour. You can buy your tickets to see Devin and the rest of the Ramblin’ Man line-up HERE.